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Extends scripting

IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY THE FACT THAT SCRIPTS ARE GIVEN MORE OPTIONS TO WORK WITH READ THIS FIRST BEFORE YOU REPLY I've taken every precaution to ensure that this plugin cannot be exploited, the events that are exposed to scripts are minimal and only help them to overcome certain annoyances. In no way can this plugin be used to get any sort of unfair gameplay advantage! Ever since my (irl) friend angryzor made SteamIRC I've been very interested in making these plugins myself. So I did. This plugin allows scripts to access certain events to make scripts less annoying to use, there are 4 events that can be detected: Round start - Will cause the alias "event_round_start" to be executed. This can come in handy if you want to autorecord demos Spectating - Whenever you are forced into spectator mode (dying, team spectator) the alias "event_player_observer" is executed. This enables scripts to rebind +attack, +attack2 to cycle trough spectator targets again. Respawning - On respawn the alias "event_player_respawn" is executed. Allows scripts to reinitialize on respawn. Also you could make the medic immediately switch to medigun when he respawns (and engineer and spy to their melee). Joining a server - Executes "callback_client_active". We all hate how you cannot automatically have a different name then you use with your steam friends. This event allows you to change your name as soon as you join a server (using the setinfo command). Known bug: when creating a local server this alias is executed everytime anyone joins (not just you). And as a bonus I added an if command which can be used like this if [value cvar] [= ! > >= < <=] [value cvar] [true] [false] Currently only integers are supported as values. If the condition holds true the true param will be executed, otherwise the false param. To configure the plugin use the command "configure", look in extscript.cfg to find out how it works. Extract to your tf folder. In the addons folder you will find the .dll and a .vdf file. The dll is the plugin itself and the vdf (open with notepad) will automatically load the plugin when the game starts. Make sure you exec extscript.cfg from your autoexec. Simply remove these files to uninstall (make sure your tf2 is closed before you try to remove the dll). In normal circumstances I'd be happy to provide the source files, however it's quite easy to make some changes that allow you to actually cheat so for that reason source code is not provided. Note about VAC and your account: This program will not and never will attempt to steal your password or account information. Since plugins fall under the VAC-banable category I've done everything I can to avoid any possible cheating (which could lead to VAC blacklisting it). So unless Valve thinks different about it you will not be VAC banned. -------- Now, this plugin will definitely sparkle the discussion of 'if Valve would want you to do this (with scripts) they would have implemented it': I do not think they would. Scripting looks more like a halfassed attempt to allow some flexibility in the entire cfg system. This plugin will in no way affect gameplay or anything that can make you more effective in combat, it's more of convenience (like every other option under the advanced multiplayer tab). All constructive criticism is very much welcome.



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    Sorry, the page you requested was not found.
  • 7y
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    The last TF2 update, broke this plugin.
    You crash when you join a server or creates your own, in other words, you crash as soon as you enter a map


  • 8y
    SiEgE-F1 avatar
    SiEgE-F1 Offline
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    Thats da thing i've look'd for years! man you is savior!


  • 8y
    ILOVEPIE avatar
    ILOVEPIE Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    Hey Does anybody know how to make a script execute only on a certain map?

    When i made a server it tryed to execute "Ctf_2fort.cfg" and I was wondering if it did the same for clients?

    Oh, by the way can you make it so that a script triggers if an enemy of a certan class is right in front of you? like literaly touching you, this would be a good trigger for auto tauntkill scripts...
    Pi r n't squared pi r round!
  • 8y
    W()RmS avatar
    W()RmS Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    Pros: it's perfect if you have alot scripts that uses the wait command


  • 8y
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    <3 You Cryz
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  • 8y
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    Seems extensive, nice work.
    Active once again :D avatar
    Active once again :D


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