RA2/YR Clean Up

A Modding Tool for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge

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This program will clean up your Red Alert 2 folder by removing files that are not part of the original installation or a subsequent patch. It is very useful for the purposes of uninstalling 'loose-mods', clearing residual mod files from a failed auto-deactivation, and generally keeping your Red Alert 2 folder clean and tidy so that you can run other mods without problems. You have several options regarding which files are to be removed: 0. Backup files removed by clean up. By default, all files removed by the clean up process are permanently deleted. If you select this option, all files removed by the clean up process will be stored in a backup folder inside your Red Alert 2 folder. 1. Remove modification files. This is the most common option for cleaning up your Red Alert 2 folder and the only* option enabled by default. It removes any files that could potentially cause the game to be modified. Any mods you have installed will be removed. Mod launcher executables are not removed as they do not affect Red Alert 2 or Yuri's Revenge. Certain modification files are not removed by this option. Such files can be removed by the other options described below. Note that this option will remove all <.pcx> files except those described in option 8. The following remove options will only appear if you actually have the components installed. 2. Remove YR Terrain Expansion. The YR Terrain Expansion developed by Blade and MooMan. The file is not removed by 'remove modification files' nor are the terrain control ini files used by mappers. This option will remove these files.



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