Revenge Playlist Modifier

A Modding Tool for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge

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Actually called the Yuri's Revenge Playlist Modifier but that was too long for the title field so I shortenned it. Sorry.
The Yuri's Revenge Playlist Modifier allows you to choose the tracks that you would like to hear in-game whilst playing Yuri's Revenge. You can include all, some or none of the tracks from various Command & Conquer soundtracks: Red Alert Tiberian Dawn Counterstrike Covert Operations Aftermath Tiberian Sun Red Alert 2 Firestorm Yuri's Revenge Red Alert 2 "Extra Tracks" The Red Alert 2 "Extra Tracks" comprise of the three previously unreleased tracks 'Ready The Army', 'C&C In The House' and 'Probing'. Before you can include any tracks you must first acquire the appropriate soundtrack files either by downloading them or making them yourself. The YRPM Soundtrack Guide (written by CannisRabidus) contains all you need to know about making your own music packs. It can be viewed online here, or downloaded from the downloads page. The Yuri's Revenge soundtrack is, of course, already available to you, as is the Red Alert 2 soundtrack (you will be prompted to insert a Red Alert 2 CD if neccessary).



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