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Beta Release of the Game tweaker: FPS Banana WIP Please comment me in a Personal Message with information on how to improve the tweaker. Such as links to C++ references, references to tweaking based on connection speed, etc. Tweaker allows you to create a quick bind for the following tweaks:
  • Name
  • Rate
  • Update rate
  • CMD rate
  • Cross hair size
  • Cross hair color
  • Net Graph
Then you can copy the results from a "console.txt" file and paste it into console so you can always have a quick button to push to make sure your game is configured to how you like. ------------------ Update 7-14-07 ------------------
  • Fixed a problem with tweakers output
  • - console.txt wasn't inputing for cmdrate or updaterate.
  • Fixed the archive
  • - the download should no longer be corrupt.


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  • YDN_oblivion avatar
    YDN_oblivion Joined 13y ago
    1,090 points Ranked 23738th
    What's wrong with using notepad/console?
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  • Kookas avatar
    Kookas Joined 12y ago
    173 points Ranked 57235th
    You could just make it save a .cfg file to the config folder in CSS, so that it automatically bound it without you having to DIY :P
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  • Sleek avatar
    Sleek Joined 12y ago
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    Pros: like how you can bind stuf Cons: nothing!
    It's Sleek avatar
    It's Sleek
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  • X-tr3m3r avatar
    X-tr3m3r Joined 12y ago
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    Pros: Useful. Notes: Am glad you guys made this!
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  • paul378 avatar
    paul378 Joined 12y ago
    1,226 points Ranked 22605th
    Thats pretty kool
    Clvl me ! avatar
    Clvl me !
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  • SilentKillzr avatar
    SilentKillzr Joined 13y ago
    3,620 points Ranked 2144th
    Ehh seems useless to me, but i guess for those who cant learn bind.
    All Darkness Contains Light. avatar
    All Darkness Contains Light.
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  • Dank avatar
    Dank Joined 16y ago
    2,630 points Ranked 19933rd
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    Pros: could help, someone somewhere... Cons: simple commands, why couldn't you just make a config file or type them into your console ? Improvements: Add more, something more worth while to it
    Devourer of souls avatar
    Devourer of souls
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  • Good idea but i just don't think i'll use it enough.
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  • Oakley_540 avatar
    Oakley_540 Joined 12y ago
    363 points Ranked 47958th
    Cool idea but needs a lot of "tweaking" itself. You should make it so that It can write an autoexec.cfg file itself, and writes it to your cfg directory. Obviously the user would have to enter their steam user id because their directories are different. Just add lots of cool stuff to it. I agree with azegadon, Add a calculator that gives you the best rates for your connection. Good place to look at that is here: http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Source_Multiplayer_Networking
    Pwnt TBH
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  • azagedon avatar
    azagedon Joined 13y ago
    7,054 points Ranked 853rd
    If you knew the number of the settings I'm sure you could enter them into the console your self? It could be cool when setting up the rate it ask's you what connect speed you got then calculates what rate would work best. ;)
    Everyone loves elmo! avatar
    Everyone loves elmo!
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