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A Modding Tool for Cube 2: Sauerbraten

This version of the ServerMonitorClient comes with a few enhancements in comparison to the previous releases. * sorting methods - by map, by mode, by players and others * though still WiP - a python GUI is in the works - contributed by apflstrudl Excerpt from the README : General paramters: ------------------ The client will run with default values unless you pass it parameters. In the following listing each parameter 'x' is described as: 'x': parameter name : [default] (range) Further descriptions of the paramters follow below the listing. 's': scanloops : [3] (1 - 512) 'w': wait4loop : [1] (0 - infinity) 'c': comparison : [0] (0 - 4) 'o': omit_update 'd': debug_output ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ some examples : -o -s3 -o -w0 -s9 -c3 -w3 -s23 -c4 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ comparison : "-cN" The default sorting method (in-game) is by ping - this is true for the ServerMonitor too, although the ping values never get output - since the routines usually run too fast to make measurements meaningful and the values are usually grouped in blocks of "low, medium and high". But the higher up in the list an entry is shown, the lower the ping. You can always find out it's true ping value in the game, or by manually pinging it. The sort methods are : 0 - by ping [unprinted] 1 - by time-remaining 2 - by map 3 - by gamemode 4 - by number of players




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