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Ok. Here is what's going on. Me, and some friends from an old clan, started up a new clan called "The Frozen Empire" or .:.FE.:. for short. We have had very much experience in old clans to know what works and what doesn't. As of right now, we have two CSS servers. One is a classic play server and the other is in the process of changing mods (either to RPG|DM Surf or a Hide n Seek mod). Right now we are working on adding special features to help with popularity (such as selectable music and music request, etc.). Anyways, the two reasons why I'm here. One, I'm here to try and get some new members and seeing as how I love FPSB and there are TONS on members, I thought I could start here. Two, Even if you're not interested in joining, I would like to ask for some help in new and innovative ideas (or perhaps old ones) to help get more members. INFO: Clan Website: Clan Servers: .:.The Frozen Empire.:. Clan (RPG|DM Surf or Hide 'n' Seek) Server: .:.The Frozen Empire.:. 24/7 Classic Play Server: We would GREATLY appreciate any help and new and reliable members. If you get a chance, check out the website and register. We have good rules, admin, members and servers. We are a few months old and have roughly 50 members. There are 5 founders and several admin to help keep things running smoothly. So if you can, check it out and sign up to be part of the group! Contact info: AIM: concertinzminor EMAIL: Name on Clan Forums: .:.FE.:.WinterSolstice


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    Please remove this and move it to a clan page that you have made yourself, and you may also recruit other members from the Clans page.
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    How do I make a clan page exactly?
    Drunk Eskimos
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    Go to playhub at the top of your screen and click clans, then click add clan next to a blue cross up near the top. Thnx :D
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    Starting a new server is hard, trust me even with clan mates. A lot of traffic is luck and hard work. I worked my ass off on the forums and server since Feb 07 and only recently are we beginning to get lots of traffic, mostly due to our server relocate. Hint: don't go with a chicago server. I had a unique situation where I got wrongfully banned from a clan i backed thick and thin, so it was a slap in the face. Because lots of players disagreed and loved me so much, they left with me. Dear friends, who became admin. While i'm sure this isnt what happened to you, I would suggest starting by asking/recruiting admins and clan mates from trustworthy friends in an old clan or server. Then, making your server and forums kickass makes people want to join your clan. I get requests all the time. Most everyone who comes into my server says it's the best they've ever been in, and after playing for a lil bit. It is because of how it is set up. Do what people want. I went for a great server, people who like bullshitting and realistic mods that make the game....well, more realistic, with a few fun plugins like piss mod, dookie mod and my own customized roll the dice. When people want to join, set a trial era for them and fast track it if you dont have any mates. Lol and after re-reading your post, it appears you already have mates and admins. My best advice is be a player, and not an admin. ANY changes you make to the server, vote on it in your forums. Don't just do it cuz u want to. This is what really makes my server popular with newcomers. Make sure your clan mates are active in at least the forums if not the server, that should be a requirement for any clan. I had people at first who joined and then disappeared. Makes no sense to me. They are abandoners, rid them. Be a good people person. If I wasn't good with that, do you think my mates wouldve stuck behind me for over half a year of an empty server? That's amazing...... As far as your website, i would add more to it such as games, extending your banner full length to cover that white blank spot, and add a sidebar in the overall header with links and mods such as "top posters" "last 5 registered" etc. Look at my site for reference. WWW.SNK-KLAN.NET Also note it isnt just a link to forums^^, it's a page before the forums which makes your site appear more professional and impressive. Create a kickass logo for your site and put it in your motd for the server when users sign on, and on your site. Here is mine:
    Hope this helped, GL. EDIT: Also, get rid of that horrid light blue color for some author fonts or link fonts on your forums, hard to read and hard on the eyes
    SNK Klan


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