Scare maps?

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A rumor? Or are there such things?

I was talking with my clanmate while we were playing CS:S, and he mention'd he played or heard about maps that were like...Scare houses from Halloween times, where as you go through the map things jumped out at you and weird noises were all along the map. And there were traps and other things to scare you while you ran to the exit. Has anyone heard of these kinds of maps? If not: It seems like a pretty intresting idea to map one out. You might think you go through it once and you don't get scared again, so maybe if you put more than one way to go through the map, or multiple exits something...Lots of work probably.


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    You'd think I checked that to begin with.

    I also searched forums, before you think I didn't check that either.

    I have no idea what the title of the map would be whether it be scare_ or sc4r3_. Otherwise I wouldn't be here asking the question.
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