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A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

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Got new mic ... but ppl complain they cant hear me.

Like i have a new mic that i use with sound recorder and it works fine. but when i play cs/cz its like iam breaking up to them an they cant make out what iam saying .... ive went into voice tab and no matter how many times i adjust the amount of volume i put out or check or uncheck mic boost it never saves. its shows it maxed out all the way on the volume ive tryed lowering it some but it doesnt save it and if u have any suggestion that my solve my problem or fix it to wear they can hear me clearly let me know Thanks X|sin|X


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    Depending on what other Steam games you play / use, I had an issue myself where people were not able to hear me randomly one day after it had been working fine.

    The issue was that I had disabled and turned down the Voice chat I believe in Condition Zero, then while playing Source Forts and TF2, it wasn't working because of that. I had to go back into CZ and enable my microphone in that game, and then for some odd reason it started working again in other games that use the Steam mic and Source.

    Sounds odd, but it worked for me. If this is not the case and you don't play other games, then I am sadly unable to assist anymore then this. I hope this helps out some though at least.

    Goodluck. :)
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    Adding onto what Nintendo has said, other games or programs may have caused your Microphone to be muted or distorted. This happens all the time for me. Make sure to check your Volume dialogue first, to make sure it is not muted or turned down/up. Also check in your Steam > Settings panel as well, my Microphone always seems to be muted in-game, and I am forced to turn it up, and vice versa.

    Try going to your Volume dialogue in your system tray on your desktop, and ticking the "Mute" box on your Microphone, but have the volume turned up, I have to do this or I get a crazy feedback from my computer. Hopefully something here will solve your problem :)


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