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New gungame just online. Come and help me make the server successful. Here are the rules and name: NAME: Knife Master[KM]Gungame 100-Tick Seattle IP: Game: One kill one level per round. You can level up to 3, one by current weapon, 2 by knife. The clan [KM] will be looking for 18+ year old players to join that have the skill and are looking for great times at a competitive level. Anyone accepted in to the clan will get a kicker and limited admin rights. Play long enough and you'll get full admin. Help own the server! Thinking about putting together a $50 top knifer contest for December. Top player gets 50 bucks to their paypal account. Vent is: la2.ugt-servers.com:13350 Come and join. Feedback to knifemast@gmail.com Thanks and see you on! Script!



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