Your Friend's and CS-S

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Your Friend's Your Game

Hey I just thought I would drop in a thread that I can't seem to find anywere else on FPSB! So this is a thread about you, your game and the guys and gurls you enjoy it with! Now I myself enjoy CS-S but I enjoy the game more if I have friend's to share it with... The Friend's I enjoy this game with are Pakman and Solda, they make this game a absolute laugh and a good time for all those who join any server we are on! So what I was going to thread here was... Why do you play? What are the names of your favourite co-players? Your perfect situation involving your friends...? What makes you and your friend's a good laugh to play along side? Now please I do not intend to create a thread that generates rubbish responses, I would just like to know how your picture your gaming and the future of your games? Who know's it might give us an idea how some of us play the game we all love! Thanks for your time! funnym4n


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    I play it becuase it passes the time.
    The people i play it most with are Jack.H and Alex.R =]
    Perfect situation is there mums with a critical hit to bulbasaur.
    Mics make it better <3

    p.s You're ment to go first.
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    Cinnabar Gym Leader.
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    I love the community of people built up around my server, if none of them are on it's no where near as fun.
    <3 <3 <3 avatar
    <3 <3 <3
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    I play to pass the time. I much prefer to go out with my mates and things but if theres nothing to do ill play some ZM, zm or gg. Normally play with two of my housemates, best situation is gg when i knife jon repeatedly. The fact that i own them so bad. Makes it fucking hilarious.
    Rate my subs please!
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    I play because i dont got any other thing to do:S
    "You're messing with the wrong
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    I play because i have nothing else to do.
    I don't like playing with ppl i know, so i can curse at the other players and insult them all i want.
    Dont play with friends, they dont understand CSS enought...and they suck ass.
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    wolfox21 Offline
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    So from the first response I gather most of us play for fun yea...? ok then I could not agree anymore I enjoy running riot on server's shagging dead boddies and trying to climb vertical walls for an entire round or humping the nearest tree or barrel just to make people laugh...

    I enjoy going out to the pub or clubbing and most of us have lives outside of CS-S but what makes you or your server the one to be on and feel free to post your favourite IP adress it would give this thread and interactive side were we can actually test out how acurate your posts are and it gives you the chance to play along side the people who you post with...

    I am not sure how this will work but here is an example:

    Server IP: 123.456.789:9393
    Reason I should try it out: Its a wicked laugh, look out for the player named "JunGle_RaBbiT"

    Thanks Again

    What Makes You " individuaL "
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    Gaming take a lot of my time, because it's fun to play.
    And stats on servers are the best when you have a day where you just own.

    Mat_dk, Chr-Cyberjazz0070, Lave and GC (not from this page)

    To take your time and play with them and you own all others.

    They always have time for jokes, and almost never get angry.
    Stupid frontliner !


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