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Looking for USA based clans to scrim in CSS

Hey guys! We are a clan of peeps that enjoy a friendly weekend scrim in CSS with other clans. We have several servers, including a scrim server with CAL configs and latest Zblock. If any clans would be interested in arranging a scrim, we are more then happy to host. Best times are usually Friday evenings or Saturdays. People have to go to work or school during the week. Looking for minimum 5v5 up to a 10v10. Would like to play something like a best 2 out of 3 maps? Maps to be played, times, dates are all open for discussion. If this sounds good to you, please contact one of our scrim officers, who will be more then happy to help make the arrangements. If your clan is out the USA, and you wish to scrim, that can be arranged as well. Our scrim server is a high end server with alot of band width. Check out the server and see how it pings for you. If it is acceptable, and you wish to play us, then please contact one of our scrim officers, to make arrangements. Our CSS servers are as follows... WCS mod with 35 races @ GunGame v4 Turbo DM @ RPG mod v1.0.5 @ CSS CAL Scrim server @ (This is where we would scrim) Contact info @ - You can use the VWar to issue the challenge. Scrim Officers are Devro and Wesker. Seeya on the battlefields...


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    This is unbelievable. Is there no one that enjoys a fun evening of scrimming? I promise we dont bite. :) At least not at first...
    [FF] Formidable Few Founder
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    Lucedis Offline
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    No, not really. FPSBanana isn't that much into the clans thing.
    i pity the noob!
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    If you guys are looking for a scrim, why not just use the #sourcescrim irc channel?
    BAD WOLF avatar
  • 10y
    Stry-K avatar
    Stry-K Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    Im in for a scrim, take5 will pwn any clan to da ground xD add me "phantomphish" for both xfire and steam
    lo3, 123. What now?
  • 10y
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    white9739 Offline
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    "So you wanna git bit, huh?"


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