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Do skins with world view increase lag, since the computer has to render the other players holding it? Is it possible to just use the view model and have world be default?


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    It wont increase lag if u have a computer newer than 1995 :P u can disable them if u want, simply by going to u cstrike folder / models/ weapons and then look for the files that have a W_ on them, just brows through that folder
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    I have about 300 or 400 MB of RAM, so I try to decrease lag as much as I can.
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    Yes, they do increase lag, believe me. I have to go through and delete all of my world models before I can play until I can get this ram installed. I have to change my FSB to 100, since the ram I am adding is pc100, what I have is pc133, kickass..

    Anyway, go to your cstrike/models/weapons folder, do a search for "w_" (no quotation marks!!) and delete all of the files that come up in the search. Then you should have much better fps depending on the amount of polys that were originally in the model.
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    Ya SomeTimes I Have Lag With Really High Res W models
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