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CS Strat v3.00 Released

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

You can create animated strats for CS 1.6 and CS:S by placing player objects (CT or T), nades, bombs, etc on a map overview and give them a path to move. Setup timing for the movements and nades...

Here is a brief description of what CS Strat does. You can create animated strats for CS 1.6 and CS:S by placing player objects (CT or T), nades, bombs, etc on a map overview and give them a path to move. Setup timing for the movements and nades then you play it back like a movie. There are also options to export the strat as a video file using the video export option. The best part is the program is FREE. CS Strat Forum - News/Downloads/Tutorials CSStrat 3.000 08/31/2007 - Updated by LethalInjection Additions/Corrections First of all I want to give a big thanks to all the beta testers and translators that helped get this version ready for public release. Since there were so many additions and changes I have decided to bump the version up to 3.00. Now on to the long list of whats new/changed/fixed in this version... 1. Added: The timeline bar now automatically resizes based on how long the strat is. So if the strat takes 30 seconds to execute movements 31 tick marks on the timeline bar. Also the strat will automatically stop playing when it reaches the end of the strat now. Also added a label above the bar to show the total seconds of the strat. 2. Added: New timing feature added when using Play/Edit mode. When you edit a player movement point you can set when he should move to the next movement. Just like I showed in the Advanced Timing tutorial. 3. Added: During playback you can click the map anywhere to pause/un-pause the animation. 4. Added: When placing a bomb object it will automatically put a movement on the bomb and add 3 seconds to the current frame time. So it is better to add a bomb during play/edit mode so you don't have to edit the timing. 5. Added: de_season map overview for your enjoyment. 6. Added: Support for exporting to SWF and FLV files. If you have another format you want added let me know I can add quite a few thanks to a little program called "ffmpeg". It is an open source video/audio transcoder and works amazingly well. 7. Added: HE/Flash/Smoke grenades now have animations when they reach their destination and they also dissappear. Available only during normal playback (1x speed) and video export. Using slow motion and/or any speed faster than 1x will cause a nade not to animate. 8. Added: AutoSaves directory so all autosave files will be placed there instead of in the main program directory. 9. Added: Option to set whether you want grenade animations turned on or off by default. 10. Added: Error checking if a video fails to create. 11. Added: Romanian language pack is now included, thanks to the|Gamer 12. Added: Exporting to video will now automatically stop recording after the last movment. 13. Added: de_losttemple_pro as losttemp_pro.src 14. Added: A message will appear when your making movements that happen after the round timer would expire during playback. 15. Updated: Restricted play/edit mode so you cannot move players or nades that have movements assigned. Those objects will need to be moved when playback is stopped. Now you can only adjust timing as intended when movements have already been made. 16. Updated: When exporting as video all player controls are now hidden. Strat name and the round timer are the only visible controls. 17. Updated: When exporting to video export you will notice the interface has changed a bit. It now has a new simpler look 18. Updated: Langauge files have been updated for Spanish/French/Portugese. I believe all text has been converted to appear if your language is supported. Other languages will be added in the future. French was done with an online translator so i'm sure it has plenty of mistakes. If you can translate English to French let me know. 19. Updated: Cleaned up the directory structure a bit so it looks a little cleaner. 20. Fixed: Numerous bugs with the Video Export controls not resetting properly where you had to close the program to get the record options back to a useable state. 21. Fixed: Canceling a video that is currently exporting should no longer leave a corrupted video file. 22. Fixed: Progress bar not resetting properly.


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