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Hey just recently, I started a website in hopes of getting a nice community started. What it does is it helps clan's that cant afford teamspeak and vent. Its not necessarily a "sponsor" yet but it does help a little. So if you want some to help a community visit our forums at Braintheft.net


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    Well its a nice idea that your helping clans out that don't have the money. But this idea will not last long with just teamspeak and vent. If you made some type of tournament and have the teamspeak and vent then your idea would work. But just having it by it self you wont get many people to join you. I hope this gives an idea maybe how to make your idea better. Have a nice day.

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    Hey, this is the administrator at Braintheft.net. Some of our staff was going around advertising, and luckly I found this thread :D.

    I would like to state that we offer website and graphics, and much much more. Visit the website to find out how much more we do. Sorry for the lack if information in this thread, I hope I clarified more.



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