Beat it yet? [possible spoilers]

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May contain spoilers

So who has beaten it yet? Which ending did you get? (there is one where you rescue them all, harvest them all, and mix of the 2). Did you like the plot? I beat it yesterday which I rescued all little sisters I came past. I above all give the plot of this game a 10/10 because it was unexpected for the most part. PS my friend beat it in 9 hours with all little sisters harvested


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    I'm no where close.
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    You should add spoiler tags, as I'm pretty sure, one ass will ruin it for others who havent completed it/havent got the ending.
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    Just got it today :) 39.99 :)
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    Posted by Suicidal Mofo

    You should add spoiler tags, as I'm pretty sure, one ass will ruin it for others who havent completed it/havent got the ending.

    Well I just posted the endings. But people will only see them if they want to.
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    Finished it on hard in under 10 hours (saved them all). Was really good but I'll never bother playing it again, even tho it was really short. Gameplay was awesome as were the graphics. The only things that let it down was the fact it was so easy and far too linear.

    Best new game this year, totally blew STALKER away, not hard considering STALKER was crap.


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