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Damn pandas :(

A Forum Thread for GameBanana

D: Halps.

Okay, so bunbun and I were talking, and all the sudden I was attacked by evil pandas D:
[19:46] Tom [AngryMooCow]: OMFG [19:46] Tom [AngryMooCow]: HELP [19:46] BunBun: ? [19:46] Tom [AngryMooCow]: EVIL PANDAS [19:46] Tom [AngryMooCow]: OMFG [19:46] Tom [AngryMooCow]: EATING MY FLESH [19:46] BunBun: :O!@#%@!#%@^#@ [19:46] Tom [AngryMooCow]: I HAVE TO KILLLLL THEEEEEEEMMMMMM [19:47] Tom [AngryMooCow]: OM,G [19:47] BunBun: SHOOT THEM [19:47] BunBun: SHOOTH THEMMMM [19:47] Tom [AngryMooCow]: I KILLED THE TWO [19:47] Tom [AngryMooCow]: WITH MY RAY GUN [19:47] BunBun: RU BLEEDING? [19:47] Tom [AngryMooCow]: BUT MORE ARE COMING [19:47] Tom [AngryMooCow]: YES [19:47] BunBun: whar? [19:47] Tom [AngryMooCow]: MY LEG IS BLEEDING [19:47] Tom [AngryMooCow]: HALPS [19:47] BunBun: O SHIT [19:47] Tom [AngryMooCow]: GET IN THE VAN [19:47] BunBun: RUN FO COVER BITCH [19:47] Tom [AngryMooCow]: I HAVE CANDY [19:47] BunBun: KKZ [19:47] Tom [AngryMooCow]: GET IN THE VAN [19:47] BunBun: I WANT SNICKERS [19:48] Tom [AngryMooCow]: DRIVE BITCH [19:48] BunBun: KK [19:48] Tom [AngryMooCow]: DRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE [19:48] BunBun: OH SHIT [19:48] BunBun: ITS ON THE CAR [19:48] Tom [AngryMooCow]: GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOG [19:48] Tom [AngryMooCow]: ILL GET HIM [19:48] BunBun: BLOW IT OFF THE CAR DIPSHIT [19:48] Tom [AngryMooCow]: EAT CHAINSAW EVIL PANDA [19:48] Tom [AngryMooCow]: OMFG [19:48] Tom [AngryMooCow]: THERE EVERYWHERE [19:48] BunBun: TUNNEL [19:48] BunBun: WOOTCH OUT1!@#%! [19:48] Tom [AngryMooCow]: IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZERZ? [19:48] Tom [AngryMooCow]: AM I CHARGIN THEM? [19:48] BunBun: YUS [19:48] Tom [AngryMooCow]: SHOOOOOOPPPPP DAAAAA WOOOOOOP [19:49] Tom [AngryMooCow]: OMFG [19:49] Tom [AngryMooCow]: WERE IN A DARK ROOM [19:49] BunBun: ANYGOOD? [19:49] Tom [AngryMooCow]: WHERE ARE WE? [19:49] BunBun: OH SHIT [19:49] Tom [AngryMooCow]: OMFG SH [19:49] BunBun: I DUNNO [19:49] BunBun: I CANT SEE [19:49] Tom [AngryMooCow]: I CAN HEAR THEM [19:49] BunBun: SHIIIIT [19:49] Tom [AngryMooCow]: i can hear them stfu [19:49] Tom [AngryMooCow]: THEY GOT ME [19:49] BunBun: NO U [19:49] Tom [AngryMooCow]: BUN HALPS [19:49] Tom [AngryMooCow]: HHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS [19:50] Tom [AngryMooCow]: OMFG [19:50] Tom [AngryMooCow]: I GOT A LAZER GUN [19:50] Tom [AngryMooCow]: I GOT ONE [19:50] Tom [AngryMooCow]: OMFG [19:50] BunBun: ogoogogogogogoogogogoogogogogogogoogogogogog [19:50] BunBun: JUST RUN [19:50] Tom [AngryMooCow]: IT BIT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE [19:50] Tom [AngryMooCow]: NOOOOOOOO [19:50] BunBun: *DEAD* [19:50] Tom [AngryMooCow]: IM TURNING INTO ONE OF THEM [19:50] Tom [AngryMooCow]: YOU NEED TO FIND THE ANTIDOTE! [19:50] Tom [AngryMooCow]: BEFORE I-I-I RAAAAAAAAAAAAWR [19:50] Tom [AngryMooCow]: IM AN EVIL PANDA [19:50] Tom [AngryMooCow]: KILL ME BEFORE I CAN DO ANY HARM TO YOUO [19:50] Tom [AngryMooCow]: PLZ [19:51] Tom [AngryMooCow]: DONT LET ME DO UNTO THEE [19:51] Tom [AngryMooCow]: OMFG [19:51] Tom [AngryMooCow]: KILLLLLL MMMMEEEEEEEEEEE [19:51] BunBun: im dead mofo [19:51] Tom [AngryMooCow]: gay
So like, we're both dead now.
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