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A Forum Thread for First Encounter Assault Recon

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Ok i had to pay alot of money for this expensive software called autocad 2008.Unfourtently the cd was scracthed.So my friend said he would give me a link that has the autocad 2008 software file.So i downloaded but i couldnt open it its a daa file how can i open it.All i need is the installer i bought the software cd key etc


  • 10y
    I think you need image opener (Not ilegal) to open a .daa file or something.
  • 10y
    I searched the net and found poweriso (link). you need to install that to open a .daa file.

    To slow.
  • 10y
    Daemon tools is another good image reader
  • 10y
    Posted by cheat117cole108

    Daemon tools is another good image reader

    The best, but can't open a .daa file.
  • 10y
    Posted by bunbun343

    Posted by Jackass Storm Trooper

    I searched the net and found poweriso (link). you need to install that to open a .daa file.

    To slow.

    i wasnt racing :P.

    if i was i would have SPOONed your ass out to curcasant and back.

    why would you do that. It was I who was to slow, not you. Also I did not say that we where racing. Only that I was to slow.

    EDIT: why is this in the FEAR section?
  • 10y
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    Minken Offline
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    I use FastStone Image Viewer.. can open all photos/images
    "You're messing with the wrong
  • 10y
    Posted by pathfinder

    I use FastStone Image Viewer.. can open all photos/images

    these images can't be opened in a photo/image viewer/editor. you could download a game. for example battlefield 2 and the file has a odd name like cd1-a.ISO and you can't open it with a installer. so you download a image opener and it will be like a disc in your CD/DVD player, a autorun window will pop-up.

    (To download a game like this means that you have to own it and the disc broke or to sratchy to be used)
  • 10y
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    "Image viewer" As in a CD Image viewer, not a .jpg image viewer.
  • 10y
    Rootbeerz avatar
    Rootbeerz avatar Offline
    Member Joined 12y
    You should just get a new disk form the place you bought it. Oh, and move this to the FPSB/Tech Forum or something, not the FEAR forum.
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    Constructive Map Assesor
  • 10y
    Pyrrhic avatar
    Pyrrhic Offline
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    Why not send it back to the company who gave it to you and get a new one?
    Digital Artist avatar
    Digital Artist
  • 10y
    Deceipher avatar
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    Agreed Pyarhic.
    I bet this is just a way to get around talking about Warez on the site.
    Send the disk back and ask for a new one.
    /close thread.
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    Cerulean Gym Leader.
  • 10y
    SGT_kick_ur_ass avatar
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    Why is this in the FEAR section?
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    Turbosmooth dat shit.


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