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Is there a way to change ur player model? if so..can someone take the original barney model and switch it with the player model in blueshift? caz in thirdperson for blueshift is gordan and this is for steam..if anybody can..plz do it..thx


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    Pros: i can try sending u the files..
    Cons: it might make u lag if the files are named incorrectly tho
    Improvements: n/a ...
    Notes: ...
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    U need to extract the baney mdl for the original HalfLife then u need to place it in your BlueShifts mdl folder(/HalfLife/BlueShift/models) and rename it gordon.mdl or wat ever the name of ur cahracters original name... if i wanted to make otis Mario i would need to DL a mario mdl and rename it otis.mdl ... to cahnge gordon in the original HalfLife u need the custom mdl u want gordon to be(naruto.mdl) the custom mdl would have to be renamed gordon.mdl

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