Are they ever going to update CSS again?

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With all the new stuff they're adding to the Source engine, do you think that they'll ever implement this in CSS? Or at least new maps, weapons, or tweaks?


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    I'm sure they will still be tweaking things for quite a while, but I wouldn't expect to see new weapons at all, or new maps any time soon. Right now, they are focusing on Episode 2, TF2 and Portal.
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    I haven't heard too much about Portal since I read about it in a magazine ages ago.. Which consoles is it coming out for? Or will it only be on the PC?
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    Portal is PC and it comes with the Orange Box.

    I'm sure they'll keep making some tweaks. New maps I strongly doubt as with new weapons. IF they made a new map, it would be cs_siege.
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    I want new weapons in my CSS, Beretta shotguns, Colt 45's, 357 Magnums, G36's, m16a1's and all that would be nice.
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    I was also wondering about dual-core optimization, does anybody know if that's coming to CSS?
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    I don't think there are going to be any major updates anymore. I would be hoping for new weapons, such as one CatPaw mentioned ;) G36's would be hot.
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    I think they will update it for dual/quad core support in the not too distant future (Probably after Orange box is released)


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