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Players don;t hear welcome sound

I've had my server up for 6 months now, and never knew, till yesterday, that the welcome snippet I have played at MOTD, no one has heard. It's from Duke Nuke'em, "I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, but I'm all out of gum" Instead of the standard, "Welcome to 4hm's gungame". The players say they download the sound, it's in their sound/gungame folder, but when thwey join server, they do not hear it. Why is this? Any thoughts?


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    You probably don't have a cfg properly configured. Does it honestly matter though?
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    If its the game sound it should be fine, but could be using some irregular codec, try using a different audio file.

    If you have it downloading in the html code of the motd html text file, then I dont think it allow's audio.
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    No, don't have it embedded in the MOTD. I just used my own audio file, maybe I'll try and make a new one, should work though, used the same audio maker to make ending song, and they hear that. Not even going to acknowledge Rocker Nerd. Of course it matters....
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    Sorry to waste all your time. i made a noob mistake. I had the cfg file set for an .mp3 file, when it actually is a .wav file. Works now.
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    ZOMG That is not from Duke Nukem he may say it, but it is originally from a shitty alien movie starring Rowdy Rowdy Piper called They Live =P
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