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Ok, i need some one that is dedicated, enjoys making custom DoD maps, and loves helping people out =D ok the load-down, i am from 31st Infanty Division, we are a realism unit. we need a B.C.T map for our unit, B.C.T stand for basic combat trainning, this is a map that is jsut for doing trainning on i.e shotting ranges, assult course, granade trainning, bazzoca trainning, and a Armory[has lots of diffrent guns in] also we would like to have a command Center where we can hold meetings. If you think you would enjoy making this sort of map I need you!!!!!!! i prefer to talk to people and explain in much more detail over a chat engine like Skype which can be found at also if you are intresed please ppost below and i will hopfully get in contact with you A.S.A.P thank you for reading, 1Lt. C. Watson [31st ID]


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