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Searching for a CSS clan. For real.

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

So, I'm searching for a CSS clan that I could play with. I'm a skilled (team-)player. Here's something about me:
  • Location: Finland, Europe, GMT +2 (if I remember correctly)
  • Age: 16
  • xFire: asramirez
  • I don't have a microphone (I do have a headset), please don't let that be a problem
  • As you can see, I've been playing CSS quite a long time, 1000+ hours with that account, old account 500+ hours, + uncounted hours
  • I've been on ClanBase 2on2 & 3on3 ladder with my friends, we didn't have a server so it kinda failed
I think that's about it. So what I'm saying here is that I've got much experience of CSS, I've played in CB + unofficial training matches. I have TS2 & Ventrilo, altho I don't have the microphone. Just been listening. So, if you & your clan are in Europe, and you'd like to test me, give me a call. Add me to xFire, post here/to my profile, or both. I'd really like to join a clan, playing public only is getting bored. If you need to know more, ask me. WHAT I WOULD LIKE THAT YOUR CLAN IS/HAS
  • A server, working one. No own-host.
  • Active community, many matches/trainings.
  • European clan as I stated above, because of ping/latency.
Please contact me, I really want a clan! Thank you.


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    Hows about my clan ? :D studio&clan memberships :O
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    Wheres your head at?
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    Well, you could ask dexterous. In my buddy list. I know he has been doing some CSS clan stuff lately.
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    Yeah I have a clan, but it's mostly a Scoutzknivez clan ^^ The clan has really skilled, friendly players in it. But sadly, we don't recruit atm.. But I can tell you if you want to join it even that it's a SK clan .. Then we trial you, and watch you playing. If you're good and frindly enough maybe you can join ! =)
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    Drrr Drrrr Drrrrr Drrrrrrrr


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