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General questions about custom models/Uv mapping etc...

I noticed a few weeks ago that there is a dev hub area for models that are made UV mapped etc.....I was curious about what would be needed to make them into CS : S weapons....The one I was looking at was the M3 Pump shotty by Havok101, but it says that there is no eazy is it to get it animated?....If it is more complicated than Drag/drop, than I do not think that I could reskin this without help... Thanks for any info/advice J


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    Rofl. It's harder than you think it is. It's DEFINITELY not easier than installing CSS skins. You have to animate it with a program, then skin it with Photoshop, then later on compile with additional programs. So yeah, it's not easy.
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    Hmmm. This is what Im looking at How could I get this to a state where I could skin it?..I dont know where to start, so I don't know what to ask for lol.... If I offer points to get this to a "Skinable" state, where would I offer them? I would gladly offer points and credit for animations...Id prefer it to stay as close to stock, but any cool variation would rock.... (One handed reload) I use photoshop for skinning, but really cannot do anything else.. J
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