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How could i change the format of a dem file? Because i have this pretty wicked fpsb video to show you guys. Thanks for the help.


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    I made a thread about this some time ago here.

    There is no known way to convert the files themselves but the easiest way to get the scenes you want is to record small .dem files, like one each round, and then record the best bits with fraps, then use a programme to compile them all together (windows movie maker can do it, but at loss of quality)
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    No, you should not use Fraps, you get that stupid watermark. You should record it with source recorder.
    Here is a very good tutorial that teaches you everything.
    This method gives you no watermark, the video can be as long as you like, and is very high quality.
    The only disadvantage of this method is that it is much more inconvenient than just recording something once with Fraps.

    Edit: The only thing I suggest doing differently in that tutorial is using VirtualDub instead of Vegas.
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    Demo files don't actually record the screen, they record the movement of everything and how it all went, that is why you can change things, for example you can turn on sv_cheats 1, and then turn on wireframe, to see if someone is hacking. There are some really cool things you can do, by recording the demo with another program more then once with different settings, to have them intertwined using a video editing program.

    And monkey, if you have the full version of Fraps, it doesn't leave a water mark.


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