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A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

I just installed this Full Pack, and I was wondering if it was even worth it. It looks OK, I guess. But I just got tired of installing skin after skin, even with the quick dl feature, it sure got on my nerves. So, if any of you have tried one of these full packs, can you please tell me how they performed. I am really hesitating coming through with this.


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    Personally, I wouldn't recommend taking the time to install that one. I myself am more a fan of camoflauge, so I could be biased. I tend to look for something that is very different and interesting, and for me, that type of pack just doesn't do it.
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    These two look really good.
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    The 42nd is the clan im in XD, i found those a while ago...
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    I installed it a few times! It's awesome. If you like new things you'll like it, and if you're into the SAS you'll love it!
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    Posted by HaydenTHPS I installed it a few times! It's awesome. If you like new things you'll like it, and if you're into the SAS you'll love it!
    How do I download and install the 42nd Urban for all CT models? Please someone either show me how or give me a direct link for downloading, Thanks. Ontopic/ Every full pack/ player pack I have downloaded has been great. Just find a pack that you think you will like judging the screenshots, I'm sure you will be happy.
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