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Guide to CSS Buypresets.

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

Hello, I'm trying to help you guys who want to change their buypresets. This is how it should be done.
  1. First, go to cstrike -> cfg
  2. Then, open either buypresets_ct / buypresets_ter with notepad
  3. Start modifying the text
Here's my buypresets_ct:
"Presets" { "1" { "PresetName" "RIFLE" "version" "4" "primary" "m4a1/3=" "secondary" "usp/4=" "equipment" "vesthelm/100 flash/0 sgren/0 hegren/1 defuser/1 nvgs/0" } "2" { "PresetName" "SNIPER" "version" "4" "primary" "awp/3=" "secondary" "usp/4=" "equipment" "vesthelm/100 flash/0 sgren/0 hegren/1 defuser/1 nvgs/0" } "3" { "PresetName" "SHOTGUN" "version" "4" "primary" "famas/3=" "secondary" "usp/4=" "equipment" "vesthelm/100 flash/0 sgren/0 hegren/1 defuser/1 nvgs/0" } "4" { "PresetName" "SMG" "version" "4" "primary" "none/0+" "secondary" "usp/4=" "equipment" "vesthelm/100 flash/0 sgren/0 hegren/1 defuser/1 nvgs/0" } }
Don't mind about the "PresetName", it means nothing. Now you can change whatever you want - and if done correctly, it shows up ingame just as you wanted. Then, I don't really know what those numbers mean behind the gun's name, etc. "awp/3=", it should do the trick if you just know the "real" name for the gun and type it down there. Dictionary:
  • the number after the { mark = slot
  • primary = main gun: rifle, smg etc.
  • secondary = pistol
  • vesthelm = kevlar + helmet
  • vest = kevlar
  • flash = flashbang
  • sgren = smoke grenade
  • hegren = explosive grenade
  • defuser = defuse kit, obviously
  • nvgs = nightvision goggles
  • /number = amount


  • 11y
    If you knew anything about php you could probably make a web page that allows you to enter what you want and the code appear when you hit enter/clicked submit. If you'd like, when I have some time on my hands, I'll do that for you.
  • 11y
    Solid_Snake avatar
    Solid_Snake Joined 11y ago
    Very nice guide, love the organization. Most guides are sloppy and pieces of shit. But not this one :D
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    A surveillance camera?!
  • 11y
    It would be like a form that users would fill in, they'd hit submit and be sent to a different web page showing the code for the preset's that they want, then all they have to do it save it in the file.
  • 11y
    I'll mess around with the idea when I have some time, and then I'll host it, I've got lots of free space lying around, you'd just need to advertise it as it it in all rights your idea to do this, I'm just helping you out and hosting my contribution to it, you would have to give me all the different presets available mind.
  • 11y
    Papuchongo avatar
    Papuchongo Joined 12y ago
    2,024 points Ranked 2422nd
    I love this, really helpful, especially since steam craped out on the buy menu.
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