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Looking for a certain plugin for GunGame for CSS

Hey guys. I've recently set up my own CSS GG server (no it's not running from my house - yes it's an amazingly good server and of course I can kick all of your asses :P). I've got the fast download going and all that good stuff BUT - I can't seem to find a plugin for the grenades. You know when you get to the grenade level and how you spawn with just the one grenade and once you've used it - you're done? Well, I know many servers have this cool plugin that instantly drops you another grenade if you've used your one and only and still happen to not have gotten a kill (never happens to me of course - speaking totally hypothetically :P). So if anyone here knows where I can find such plugin or if someone wants to make such plugin - I'd be much MUCH appreciated. I'll even give you points if I end up using your plugin or the plugin you lead me to is what I'm looking for. :) Server is by the way - should any of you feel the need to have me kick your ass. :) Thanks in advance!



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