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I have used Hammer editor to make my new map and now i don't know how to play on it

I have made my map on Hammer editor and now that i have finished it i need to play on the map but all i have are the .map .max and .dxf files but i don't know how to get the files needed to play the map.


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    You need to compile the map by going to File>Run Map.
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    Turbosmooth dat shit.
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    That did nothing
    DOD mapper looking for trainer
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    When you go to compile the map do you have -dev -console +sv_lan 1 in the Additional game parameters? If not put it in. My friend said he go it to do it without it but I always have it there. And when you put it there it will stay there, no need to do it ever again. Hope this helps.
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    It says "could find filesystem dll to load" with and without that
    DOD mapper looking for trainer
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    The actual map file is ".bsp"

    compile and run the map, and then you should get the map in the dod map folder if you have made hammer configs do so
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    Norway Man
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    This thread is old...... bumped it why?
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    Transcendence into the Periphe


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