Ghettox`s frag video

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My frag movie: Please rate it ! :)


  • 10y
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    Too servers with 100 % noobs -.-....nothing special :P
    former Blood-Money  avatar
    former Blood-Money
  • 10y
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    Ahah youz a H4X0R.

    Love knifing. =)
  • 10y
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    Nice video :)
    Im OuT Peaceee... avatar
    Im OuT Peaceee...
  • 10y
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    No such thing as skill in CSS
  • 10y
    Mr Blue avatar
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    Just say that because you suck at it.

    I'm damn sure you couldn't beat one of the American CGS teams could you? No because they have skill.

    Okay editing, didn't like the zoomed view, nor the aim map kills (Who cares, it's an aim map). Too short, and you were in a pub mod server.

    7/10 for editing
    3/10 for frags
    0/10 for music

  • 10y
    Ionik avatar
    Ionik Offline
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    Too short.
    Downfall of us all. avatar
    Downfall of us all.
  • 10y
    Rokusho avatar
    Rokusho Offline
    Member Joined 12y
    Hmm, quite a poor videa actually. The edit's we're clean, but the frags sucked... Next time, try to show ones with multiple kills each round, instead of one kill, cut to the next, one kill, cut to the next. It was also far too short, about half the time was wasted actually getting into the fragin'.

    Wait until you have some decent frag's before trying to make another one.
    Will map for food. avatar
    Will map for food.
  • 10y
    Shappier avatar
    Shappier Offline
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    No offence but that was pretty bad i think mine is better than that O.O
  • 10y
    Deadmonkey avatar
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    Short :/


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