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24 the show mod

I was thinking a while back about 1.6 and the one mod with the voice saying how many seconds untill explosion. What if someone would do the same thing but instead use the sounds from 24 the show? When there was 24 seconds left, it would start the countdown. I dont believe it would be too hard to make. Thoughts?


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    I don't really think that would be a mod, well, maybe for a server. But then it would just be done with a script. You could have the first Jack Bower(Spelling) 24 server. Then you could have that in there. Lol! I would like to see it done though.
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    Well, yeah, it wouldn't exactly be a mod mod, but a modification of some sort anyways.

    But why not just make a custom sound replacing the bomb beeps? Wouldn't that be alot easier?
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    ...which brings about a whole new theme of skins and custom sounds geared towards 24 fans. interesting.
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