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I wondering why do people always want to join a clans? I never feel that I need to join a clan. The reason I don't want to join a clan is because you are becoming a team with people you don't know. Also i think it is quite geeky. I would only ever join a clan if it was me and my friends were in it. I don't understand, so i want your perspective. Why do you join clans?


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    Well some clans got server's :)
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    My friends are a clan. So I'm in the clan.
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    I joined a clan because I wanted to play clan matches, and my friend told me to join ;P Well, what about the 1.6 CPL clans then - they make a lot of money, I guess that's their reason.
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    My friend and I made a clan for CoD2 which was great because most of the members were people we knew. Plus we were able to get our own server and stuff. But we never took it real serious. That's what I hate about clans. They want to take it serious and not have fun. Along time ago I was in a CoD clan the leader wanted to start getting into serious business so I just left. So really I join clans just to have fun. But as I said before if they get serious than it no fun.
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    Blow me.
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    I feel like joining clans because it makes the game cooler. It's so so much fun to plan tactics, be on TS/Vent, arranging clan wars -and especially playing them! Also, when in a clan you learn new stuff about the game all the time. Also, when in a clan you will most likely have someone to play with when you want to.

    Btw, I disagree with you that its geeky to be in a clan, it's just for fun... can be boring after a while to play " lone wolf " :P
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    I joined for friends, people to play with, and admin so I could abuse people. So far Im co owner of the clan , we have 2 server which are populated like all the time. So I guess were doing good.
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    Downfall of us all.


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