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So fucking gay

Ok so I joined a surf_year3000 server and saw an admin playing and asked if I could have a clan tryout. He changed to scoutzknivez and told me we were playing to 6. I started playing him and it was pretty close the whole way through and the score was 4-4. ANOTHER admin came in and told admin 1 that he wasn't aloud to tryout and both of us were going to get banned. So we played two more rounds and I beat him 6-5. They changed the map back to year3000 and I was trying to argue out of getting banned... At this point admin 1 turned on me and started saying I sucked, which admin 2 agreed with... Although I beat admin 1 in SK and admin 2 kept dying on the surf map. So I said "@ you guys are fucking dicks" and they said you suck again and banned me. If we were at a lan party or something and that happened I would get up and beat the fuck out of them for being douchebags... But I wasn't lucky enough to be at a lan party with them.


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    what's goin on there, little b
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    You were trying out for the community "Optical Gaming", I assume? If I'm right, they're not a clan, they're a community. You don't tryout, you join the forums. Second, they're complete assholes. Never join them. I remember one member ([OG]Warrior) Told me his dad was from the FBI, and I was going to get sued for using the word "Meatspin". I was supposed to receive my court date in 2 days, and yet, I'm still court-less :(.
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    One more round.
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    Optical Gaming is a joke. If i'm ever at their servers i'm trying to get banned.
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SEX! Ok, we got your attention. Mascot

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