New Bioshock footage!

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Very leet!

Here’s a collection of short snippets of Bioshock some amazing gameplay. No idea if there are any spoilers in there but I don’t think so since it’s really just a collection of fighting scenes throughout different locales. You’ll see some fighting of crazy people and big daddies, with the little sisters cheering for your demise. This game just has so much atmosphere it’s insane.


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    This game looks flipping mental. Absolutely crazy!

    Really nice gfx, loving the water FX, but the gameplay looks really trippy!

    Shame that the footage wasn't edited a bit better :(
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    What would nemmy do?
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    Wow, those graphics are great. I can't argue that the physics are good too.

    Although the blue lighting thing he does with his hand reminds me of Star Wars too much =\.
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    One more round.


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