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An old screenshot...

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

I was just looking over some old saved screenshots when I stumbled across this picture. It was an old one from back before I began playing Battlefield 2, and lost all my CS:S skills. It was also from when I was in two clans, Ünhinged, and AP. I was an avid Scoutzknivez player, mostly because SK required all tactics, accuracy, and maneuverability. Although, I think this might be in an RPG server. Check it out: Now, post your badass photos...I'm always amused by this.


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    BuB Joined 12y ago
    I kind of think RPG mod takes away from real skill..
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    Sup then
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    Hamster Joined 11y ago
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    Oh hai.
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    TankBurger Joined 12y ago
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    I'm with BuB, RPG mod players just play for a few hours and get 100000 health and become impossible to kill. It makes the game boring.
    We're back to bread ladies. avatar
    We're back to bread ladies.
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    iLL Joined 11y ago
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    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket About a year old, and just because its funni. :D
    Reincarnated Suspectofmurder h
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    D3vin Joined 13y ago
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    Omg hamster it was you!!! I should have known.
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    Code Geass lover!!
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    Ottomus Joined 12y ago
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    Thumbnails, thumbnails... I've had a few 100-0 scores in several fun servers but cba posting them.
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    The Flaming Smith Guy
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    B2K_iRoNic Joined 11y ago
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    Awseome. =)
    [B2K] iRoNic - cLVL me up ;D avatar
    [B2K] iRoNic - cLVL me up ;D
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    Mr Blue Joined 12y ago
    RPG MOD is like on World Of Warcraft, where a lvl 10 gets killed by the lvl 70 in stealth mode, and then the higher lvl guy brags.


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