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Does anyone know if there is a way you can turn a counter strike source video i made, into a animated.gif that i would be able to use as a picture on photobucket or something. if you know of a program that will do this plz post a link or something. thx


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    Yes, there are ways... One would be with a high-end video editing program.
    If the file format isn't too odd (or ridiculously long), I can try converting it for you.
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    Durby Durb durb...
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    It's a bit the same as in one of my movie signature tutorials. Find it here:clicky
    You need to open it in imageready, resize and try and keep the file outcome low because else it will be realy, realy slow loading.
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    Stuck On Yesterday Once Again.
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    Oh well thx and if i cant find out how then ill send you the video ok sheeprider
    No Pain no game!
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    Jasc Animation Shop can save as .avi, so i dare say it can open them. Try it.

    Google it, dont have a current trial link.


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Member Joined 11y
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