Problem with map fy_pool_day_remake

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Problem with map fy_pool_day_remake

Hi, I´m a beginner in CSS and I don´t want to play fy_pool_day_remake with normal graphics, the graphics are pink and white and black, and other maps fy_pooly_day have the same problem, What can I do to fix this problem?


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    Black and purple squared textures means there missing from your Hard drive, either find them and download them, or delete the map file and redownload it.
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    Will map for food.
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    I have just downloaded that map and tested it in-game and i'm getting those pink squared textures as well. I have installed all the files and textures to the right location, so that means that the map is "broken". Sometimes mappers forget to upload their custom textures among the map. I guess you should try downloading another poolday map, try this one.
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    But, this map has a lot of downloads, anyone report the same problem? I wil try to reinstall css


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