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Damn phong...

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

I hate phong so much

Is there ANY possible way to remove phong from skins.... it ruins the whole game for me... mostly because i play zombie servers ALOT and i HATE seeing.. say.. my gun shining ugly gray when im in the dark.. all i can see is a 2D looking gun (because i see no detail and its just gray shinyness) in the pitch black room.. so if theres a way to remove it from all the skins i have, that would be great.. Thanks


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    Go to C:\path\to\your\cstrike\folder\materials\models\weapons\v_models\ (replace C:\path\to\your\cstrike\folder with path to your cstrike folder, eg. C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\cstrike), and then go to each folder, which name begins with knife_, pist_, smg_, rif_, mach_, snip_, or eq_ and open .VMT file, which has the same name as the folder, in notepad. Then find line containing "$phong" "1" and change it to "$phong" "0". Maybe it's too complicated, maybe there's some varible in the game, but this is the only way I know.
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    They are not glowing because of phong. It's because of the reflection map (cubemaps). Generally, zm maps do not have env_cubemaps built in so reflections are crappy, especially in the dark spots. There is no practical solution to this since in order to disable cubemaps you need to tweak every single .vmt.
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    Play on direct level 7.. then there wont be any cubemaps, bumpmaps and phong
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    Under Console type mat_specular 0 That will disable every specular map(shiny stuff)! **edit* ..posted 1 year ago? :| srsly?


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