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Its happened a couple of times and my favourites have just dissapeared i didnt reinstall or anything they just vanished? can someone tll me why and how i can get them back if i can thanks!


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    It's a common bug with Steam, Valve has said that they've fixed it, but they haven't. At the moment there aren't any fixes for it, you'll have to live with it.
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    Turbosmooth dat shit.
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    My favorites never stopped working.

    So I guess i'm the only one without the bug.
    the boi is gone from FPSB
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    It is Steam and Valve they are all Tards!
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    Yeah it really bothers me, when they just disappear..........there r alot of things steam should have done by now, like steam for Linux, fix some major map bugs like in de_dust" there is a spot in the wall which u can see through and the pipe in cs_assault u can see peoples feet when they r in the pipe........
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    You Can't See Me
  • 10y
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    I can't add anything to my favorites, is that because of the same bug too?
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    The Flaming Smith Guy


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