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Anyone know of any GOOD servers out there? I'm tired of gungame, and deathmatch, and those 24/7 servers. My two home pubs disbanded, so I'm looking for a new one.. And I can't find one. All I can find are the gungame and etc. Anyone know of any good active normal servers?


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    If you live in the United Kingdom, then I suggest joining the Teeside servers. There are over 10 available too the public, all with 40 player slots, except for the gun game one which has 16 positions, and a 20 man that cycles all standard maps. There are 4 main 40 slot servers, with a cs_office 24/7, 2 standard map servers on a set cycle, and a dust 24/7. The diust one is rarely full, as the community around the set of servers doesn't seem too like dust themes that much.

    The community ehre is great. Occasionally you get some faggots on, who really do spoil your moments. Friendly fire isn't on round here either. I'll try and get you some server IP'S later.
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    24/7 Office server. Fantastic community.
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