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Hey guys some of you may know me from my server *Hero Mod:Source N3m3s1s' Server!*. I am in the progress of making a Hero Mod: Source. I would like to get an entire team of Mappers, Animator, Modelers, Skinners, Sound Artists, and maybe one more Scripter just to fix up what i have trouble with. The mod is not a short project but it is also not going to be work because i want every 1 involved to have fun and be friendly with eachother. The mod consists of many heros from all over. I have chosen many from Marvel however if anyone has a suggestion i will be more then happy to add it. Heroes are based on how they truely are so Spider man for example cannot turn invisble.. however he can web people to the ground. So its going to be more of a realistic hero mod instead of the WC3 ones. Why would you want to join the team? Well I am making no promises but if there is enough demand to purchase customized heroes you all will be getting payed based on what you contribute. For example: If i want to buy Spider man i am paying for the script, the animation, the skin, the sounds, the models and a monthly fee. However in a normal map Spider man wont be as strong as id like so i would buy a custom map that will be put onthe server and in the server rotation to give me the upper hand. Everybody who helps with my mod will have admin to my server and get their own hero. this alone is about a $50.00USD deal. If you are wondering if people truely pay or not i have made a little over $100.00USD with an INCOMPLETE version. So lets come together and give CS:S the best version of HMS they will ever have. Please contact me on either FPSBANANA through PM or posting here or at my email address Thank you all of you Yours Truely |HMS|.Blade


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    So it sounds like this is going to be an CS:S AMX type scripting mod? And not a custom HL2 multiplayer mod? You may be able to find some people here interested in AMX scripting, but your best luck will be to go to the website for the actuall mod you will be scripting for and let people there know your plans. Chances are there isn't going to be alot of AMX scripters on banana. I could be wrong though. This is a nice idea for a CS:S script mod and has potential. Sounds like a very big project. Especially if you are looking for custom player models, that means probably custom animation sets. Much luck with this project, you may even want to check out ModDB to find some expert scripters, coders, mappers, modelers, etc.
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    The server IP is if you want to stop by and check it out.
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    I've seen the work done here so far, and am into stages of creating a castle map for it. I haven't done any work on it yet however, just drawn a rough sketch out on paper. Anyways, I think the modification is really brilliant, and I would suggest you stop by and try it out the next time you launch CS:S. I've also noticed that the people that hang around on the server are very helpful and friendly, including Blade himself... Like I said, give it a try, it didn't take me long too realize that this modificaiton is gonna be brilliant when it's 100% completed!!!
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    Hey guys this is |HMS|.Blade giving an update. I found that half of the skills were not working so i decided to trash the mod completely and remake it.. In doing so it took me another 12 hours 2 remake and now every single skill works. i also made it more challanging to level up and get new heros. I have found two wonderful mappers. they are very good people to work with and they take suggestions from others not just me. I think that perhaps 1 more mapper just to speed things up a bit wud b good but otherwise i really need 1 scripter/ 1-2 skinners, animators, modeler. It would mean alot to me if some professionals like yourselves would pitch in were ever u can in my mod because this is a learning curve for me and i only set high standards. let me know if any 1 is intrested :) yours truely |HMS|.Blade
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