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Name: Team #Source. Tag: T#SrC. Mix Tag: ^pr0 Slots: 7/10 (3) Website: Forum: Ventrilo IP: Server IP: Official Slogan: “Professional is an opinion, skilled is a fact.” Record (wins): 93 Record (draws): 0 Record (losses): 6 OFFICIAL SPONSORS ASUS (Head Sponsor) Plank Films (Sub Sponsor) INX-Gaming (Sub Sponsor) (Sub Sponsor) OFFICIAL SUPPORTERS Vista Troubles A.N Clan Enpwnment Comics FragFM Plus8 DJ BOA Community CSS-Idiot Team #Source. is committed to the following sets of guidelines: -- Expansion through cooperation, affiliation, and sponsorships of and by numerous organizations. -- Expansion through the promotion of different types of gamers and strategies. -- As an organization utilize the following characteristics and skills: fair play, teamwork, and sportsmanship. -- De-emphasize the use of hacks, cheats, and other characteristics which disrupts the original gameplay. -- Emphasize "brotherhood" between members of different ethnicity, the support of female gamers, and other characteristics... -- The fun of gaming as a whole... Listed On: The Central Outpost Clan Database Why Not Join the Team#Source Forums Today? We are also looking for a Sponsor!



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