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Sorry for quality, i'll be sure to put in higher resolution next time. Also, can someone give me a better program than Windows Movie Maker... Some that has some good features like zoom or a better slow motion feature. Comments welcome. (As long as it isn't "lawl n00bz0rz")


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    Rush tactics rule if you can run round a corner and be in someones face, but otherwise they never work without a good flash bang in first...

    Oh and another thing, in alot of tournys for cash I have played, nobody rushes because when you do you get shot in the head instantly...
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    What a terrible video, if this is a video on "how not to rush" then i guess....... well done.

    *edit* amazingly pointless bump.
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    Pros: Good slowmo
    Cons: wtf? pub footage, cs maps, and make the rush tactics on scrims!!! thats when you'll need them!!!
    Improvements: Scrim, scrim footage, rush tactics with scrim footage.
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    Wtf is this shit? whenever you kill atleast 3 -5 guys in a row on scrims on DE MAPS, then tell me how to rush
    Hugh Hefner is my pimp.
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    Pros: wait there are pros to this vid?
    cons: pub footage,no skill, def not cal, cs maps, not even more then a triple kill(AND THESE ARE PUBS!!)


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