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I've copied my request from the steampowered forum below: For quite a while I've been a member of a community that applies a certain ruleset to CS:S to make it more realistic. One of the rules that have been added is a ban on crackjumping- on this particular server, it refers to jumping to avoid bullets. In real life, bouncing around like a mad bunny would simply be silly-looking and mostly ineffective. A far more realistic course of action would be to run/dive for cover as fast as one possibly could. In lieu of having jumping available to dodge bullets, we are currently looking for any sort of modifications that could introduce sprinting ala HL2/DM- preferably while drastically ruining ones ability to aim. The only thread I found that brought this up was silenced by people saying that CSS wasn't Battlefield 2, and the professional players complain, etc, but seeing as how our server drastically modifies conventional gameplay already, a sprint feature would be greatly welcome. For once, google has failed me- so could someone please tell me of any such mods, or whether or not it's even possible without creating a seperate program altogether? If the Warcraft mod can have the boots of speed, there must be some way to implement sprinting, right?


None found


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