Now my second video.

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

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  • 11y
    pinguman avatar
    pinguman Offline
    Member Joined 11y
    Hardly owning.
    Pingunite avatar
  • 11y
    heavensdemon avatar
    Member Joined 11y
    695 points Ranked 6527th
    W00t S.O.A.D >:D xD W00t
    random donations/watchers are  avatar
    random donations/watchers are
  • 11y
    Raipe avatar
    Raipe Offline
    Member Joined 12y
    Nothing special.

    I'm getting bored to these "look @ me pwn" videos, TBH.
  • 11y
    fps_al avatar
    fps_al Offline
    Member Joined 12y
    375 points Ranked 11032nd
    That wasn't even pwning
    that was a couple decent shots in a pub
    i would really love to see you play in a cal server
    you would get destroyed
    but atleast the video was well edited and there weren't any bots
  • 11y
    InteL avatar
    InteL Offline
    Member Joined 11y
    222 points Ranked 16498th
    Not too bad, but you need to work on your speed...Just a tip. On css, a cool way to practice is to make your spray a bullseye, make your own server, no bots, and spray it about 10-20m away, and just quickscope at it, try and hit the center. You'll get faster and faster. I can noscope double doors ^^. Nice vid though :P
    CAL, CEVO, OGL suck. Go pub. avatar
    CAL, CEVO, OGL suck. Go pub.


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