I want to put skins on my server

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Hi i want to put skins on my server so when other people join my server they get the skin,, and cane other people se my skin if im on sombodys server? if they like are spectators?


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    If you find out tell me how too kay.
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    [bullet proof nothing]
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    They cant see youre skins, cuz they aint got it the files for it,
    1 thing, if any one reads this, can they please help me :s
    i need to know the location to putt my skinns :(
    on condition zero :s
    some1 please help me :(
    if you can help me, add
    on youre msn
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    9KxD You are ridiculous,
  • 11y
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    Make/Request a plugin, or even edit an existing one.

    Make it download skins from your Computer. To Theirs.

    im not into that sorta stuff.

    But its possible.

    - dave1
    I Smile in the face of Washing
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    Would you stop bumping already. ><
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    Constructive Map Assesor


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