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Lets play some CSS

A Forum Thread for Counter-Strike: Source

I want to play soem CSS with soem FPSB guys (or gals). Anyone want to come. If you do join the vent server (Big Rosses, info below) and we can all decide on a server. I am not really in the mood for custom maps so lets just do something normal. I havent played in a while and I am pretty rusty. Vent info: 3575 Or you can Xfire me


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    koely avatar
    koely Joined 12y ago
    I would, but i'm really laggy because its bad weather here. having 200 ping. And i'm from europe so..,
    Stuck On Yesterday Once Again. avatar
    Stuck On Yesterday Once Again.
  • 11y
    I'm in the vent noone is in here but me
  • 11y
    Hoffles avatar
    Hoffles Joined 13y ago
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    The only person in there is some weird guy named bubbles.
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    om nom nom
  • 11y
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    Windows 98 Joined 12y ago
    Yeah I am coming into the vent in a sec. i left cause I was seeing if anyone in my WoW guild vent wanted to play just copying the info to them now.
    The Man, The Myth, The Legend
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    h4mx0r username pic Joined 15y ago
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    I would but I'm busy cooking up contigency plans and photoshopping 'official documents'.
    it's pronounced "ham-saur avatar
    it's pronounced "ham-saur
  • 11y
    Assassin. avatar
    Assassin. Joined 12y ago
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    Ill be in vent in just a sec.
    Play Hard. Go Pro avatar
    Play Hard. Go Pro
  • 11y
    Windows 98 avatar
    Windows 98 Joined 12y ago
    This is fun :D I rape with the awp apparently!
    The Man, The Myth, The Legend


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