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It takes me awhile on CS:S to find a "good" server, and sometimes I never can find a good one and end up playing a low-grav server and get gayed like 5 times. And I'm sick of always searching for a good server! So, I was wondering how do I start my own server? Some questions: ● How do I make it on the internet, not LAN? ● How much does it cost usually to run a server? ● How do I add things like plugins, admin skins, music, voting, TKer options, etc? ● What are some qualities you look for in a server? Please reply


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    About 60$ a month with a highspeed connection.
    Download them from the internet and install them after readme, (Mani admin plugin is a keyword)
    I look for quality maps, mature admins and a good connection.

    You can run a server off your computer for whatever the price of your regular internet and power is, servers also come in a wide variety of prices, I asumed you were renting one with a good connection so there's the price, to buy one that's good there are a multitude of prices, eBay and other auction sites should do you good.
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    ● How do I make it on the internet, not LAN?

    sv_lan 0 in the server console

    ● How much does it cost usually to run a server?

    for a 33 tick, 10 man public server it can cost $20

    ● How do I add things like plugins, admin skins, music, voting, TKer options, etc?

    Through ftp access (usualy) and maybe a control panel.

    ● What are some qualities you look for in a server?

    no lag and awesome maps... being surf,aim,breakfloor,glass and a few 'normal' maps.

    I hope i helped
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    1. If you buy a server, it'll be on the internet. If ran from your computer, make sure the port is 27019 or something like that.
    2. Depends on how many slots you get. Can cost anywhere from 15 to 70 dollars a month.
    3. Can't help ya there, probably mostly console admin commands.
    4.You want a good processor, good pricing charts, good feedback, number of servers hosted, things like that.
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    I look for admins that arent asses and that dont abuse thier powers.
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    Heres a good offer:
    I Have made a thread for this but got no orders.
    You get a server with a good connection for free for a whole year. If you buy me the game you want the server to be on. Also if you want the game of the server changed i will do it but the Date it will be disconnected will stay the same.
    Anyway the server currently has a website that is rarely used on it. I will Download and install all the plugins if i have time and am available other wise i will try to get an Ftp shared for you so you can work with it but i am not sure how that works.

    The server is currently down but i am planning to get it up next weekend and i will probably install Linux on it so it will be a Linux based server which is somewhat better and somewhat worse then Windows. The good things about it is that it works faster and better. but the bad things are it is harder to take care of.

    I do not need Admin on the server but i will probably play on it anyway because i will have very little lag because it is so close to me. So that is your choice.

    Tell me what you think if you do not trust me then i will write you a paper with my signature on it and send it to you and i will start the server before you give me access to the game.
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    I lol at life when it sucks.
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    Don't have tk punish options, that rewards team bleeders with an even more angered team mate when they then take 30% of their cash after making them die.

    Don't have music, that's dumb. Simple.

    Don't have dynamic weapon pricing, that ought to attract some more seasoned players, who won't abuse +ff.

    Default gravity please. I personally am sick of seeing "matrix mode" servers.


    The betting, and bounty mods however seem to be popular though. Personally i don't like them, but this is just ideas.

    Make sure you have a hard to guess rcon password, not just the name of the server ><

    Make sure it's atleast 66 tick.

    Any more dont's and i will faint.


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