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I just thought of something that could be pretty hilarious. The new beta pricing system has messed with some stuff significantly, and as such glocks now cost $1. Glock spam has been fun in the past, but now it can reach unthinkable new heights. 16,000 glocks can now be purchased by one player, and if anyone wants to join me, I think it would be quite funny to glock spam somewhere and make a video of it. I was thinking of filling up T spawn on de_dust (up to the ledge/staircase) with glocks. If you have a server hosting the CSS beta or know of an empty one we can use, post its IP here and I'll try and get a group together to do this. Of course you'll need the Glock Spam Script, written by s34guLL. [edit] I think it'd be cool to send pictures of this to valve saying "this is what happens when you mess with success" or something like that. Note that I do like the idea of the revised buy system but its execution it just terrible.



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