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My steam just went nuts...i have bought HL2 with CS:S, and just played CS:S 15 minutes ago...then i restart my comp, and steam and hl2:dm, hl2 and cs:s went to pre-load compeleted-state in my games-window...like i have never bought those...hope someone know what i mean:)anyone else got this problem?...stupid steam.. E: this should be steam-forum, i know...


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    I have no clue, restart steam, repair, refresh, and restart your internet connection, restart you computer. That fixes most problems I figure.
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    Are you sure you logged into the right account? You might've logged into your lil brothers or something. If thats not the answer i'd suggest posting on the steampowered forums.
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    I had to reinstall steam..... Yeah thats right REINSTALL.... its the onlyway im sure.

    But put ur steam apps, GCF stean folder ome where else like ur desktop.

    then unistall EVERYTHING and resintall all the shit relogin as ur old account then add ur files back into the steam foldrers!
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    Yeah i restart it...no help there...and i don`t got littlebrother, so it`s not it...i`m going for reinstall...damn:(...no cs tonight...
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