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Where, and in what folder should I put these in, in order to make them work? One of them is a tga, I think and the other one is a normal vtf, but is doesnt work correctly, HELP HELP HELP would be appreciated :)


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    Windows 1: Hey Windows, is that a tutorials button at the top of my screen?
    Windows 2: Yeah, it shows you nice things like how to install skins and sprays, even if you want to know some mapping things they have some stuff on it.
    Windows 1: Oh cool, its a good thing I look at my screen and have a second half of my brain otherwise I wouldve made a dumb post on the forums.
    Windows 2: Yeah your quick.
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    Where we come from, people LOOK before they post. Tutorials are there for a FREAKING REASON.
    i pity the noob!


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